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After Bulders Cleaning Services London

Why Choose Us to Clean After Building Work

  • All technicians are experienced and diligent
  • Latest industrial grade equipment and detergents used
  • Just enjoy the full beauty of your renovated property

How After Renovation Cleaning Works

We always end a team of heavy-duty cleaning specialists to your location. Who use modern equipment and techniques to make the place pristine.

After Builders Cleaning is suitable for the wide range of properties. No job is too big or too small for we are real specialists.

Equipment and Technology we use for Builders Clean Service

This service from us involves the use of Professional Industrial equipment. Such as high-performances vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, pressure washers, Steamers and more. On the other hand, all detergents we use in cleaning after building work are not available in every-day stores.

This way our Cleaners ensures the highest professional standard for post-construction and post-renovation clean up of your property.

About the After Builders Cleaners

All professionals at Deep Cleaning are vetted, experienced. They also have undergone extensive professional training. Our Cleaning Company includes all detergents and equipment in the price.

after builders cleaning london

What does the After Construction cleaning service include?

  • Deep hoovering and mopping of all floors in order to remove paint spots and plaster.
  • Internal cleaning of windows, sills, and frames.
  • Deep cleaning of skirting boards, doors, door frames, fixtures, switches and sockets.
  • Deep cleaning of the entire home, including fixtures like shelves and cupboards (they have to be emptied out in advance).
  • De-liming and de-scaling of kitchen and bathroom tiles.
  • We Cleaned and polish all surfaces and woodwork.
  • Deep cleaning of toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers and other bathroom fixtures.
  • Deep cleaning of all floors and stairs.
  • External cleaning of kitchen appliances.

NOTE: We provide all the Supplies and use Professional Steamer to Sanitize Bathrooms.

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